Continuing the JKA Karate Tradition in Toronto

Toronto JKA Karate





There is a physical side to Karate but there is also a cerebral side to it. For Sensei Wilfred Seerattan at the Toronto JKA Karate it is a way to develop character through strenuous physical activity. Courtesy and respect plays a large part in the development of character. Sensei Seerattan teaches karate with these and other virtues in mind but he also believes in having fun. 

             The atmosphere in the Karate dojo is very friendly.  Everyone is traveling a path or way (do) in a quest to be the best they can be at the martial art and in this effort, higher belt levels are required to help lower belt. It’s members come from all walks of life.  There are teachers, musicians, lawyers and bankers, to name a few. 

Sensei Seerattan started in September 1983 has trained with some of the legends of martial arts and has achieved the rank of fifth degree black belt, competed in World championship in Japan with the Canadian National JKA Team, continues to train 5 days a week and still actively competes on a provincial and national level.

He teaches his skills to an appreciative group of adults and children at his dojo (school) several days a week and has been teaching karate for 24 years now.